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"I am a very happy parent of a very happy student at New Concept Dance Company. The instruction she receives is high quality from high quality teachers. My daughter is enjoying dance and being challenged to keep growing in a safe and healthy way..."

Our Story

First, we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us since we started this in 2021, and went live at our first location in 2022. Thanks to your support, we have become one of the first winners of the Top-Rated Award in 2023 from Great Nonprofits!


We are humbled by the kindness so many have shown us! Thank you, and we will continue to be fiscally responsible while making dance more accessible and more affordable for kids and teens!  Now... on with our story!


New Concept Dance Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2021 with two goals in mind: to provide access to the dance experience without affordability being an obstacle; to provide greater options so that kids and teens can advance their skills in dance without sacrificing family time or other interests that set them up for success after high school. 


Our students accelerate their skills in dance and can still play sports, participate in musicals, plays, wind ensemble and marching band, robotics club, school council, and other academic and social clubs, and take AP courses and pass with high marks, all while keeping dance in their life. And, they can compete in dance, too, if they wish. 

We also know that success, regardless of industry, comes from hard work, education, experience, some failure, and many milestones along the way. We can provide a clear and realistic path, with attainable goals, for students who seek a career in dance.


We give our students options to experience all that dance has to offer, without asking for large sacrifices in return, and we make these experiences affordable for more families.

Our Misson

Our mission is to give options to kids and teens who love dance, and want to experience all that dance has to offer while they are in school preparing for their future. We provide scholarships for supplementary classes and discounts on tuition, intensives, costumes, private lessons, and other ancillary experiences.


We also offer high school students between the ages of 16-18 volunteer opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in areas of business and community leadership.

New Concept Dance Company operates as a real dance company in production and in business practices so that dancers, support staff, and volunteers may develop transferrable skills and experiences essential to their success in the professional world, regardless of industry.

How We Do It

We are a mobile dance program that can reach dancers at different locations. Our classes are designed for the students we teach, and range from beginner to advanced levels. Our students feel confident as they learn, and are trained at the pace that is best for them while receiving individual coaching to maximize their potential.


We also offer monthly drop-in classes to adults at a discounted rate during non-holiday months. We want everyone to start dancing, or come back to it!

We currently hold classes inside the dance studio space at 8330 Dayspring Academy Way, Port Richey, FL 34668, (Dayspring Academy's Ovation Campus) after their school hours.


Our goal is to bring our program to Hernando County and in Tampa Bay in 2024. Please help us make this possible by telling people about us, and please consider becoming a volunteer, sponsor, or donor (thank you!).

To learn more about how to get involved to help kids and teens, click here: 

Our Classes

Our classes develop skills in dance and movement, and we offer choices that allow students to reach their goals in dance, even if or when those goals change.

We have classes for dancers who want to build, maintain, and advance their skills without performing in a show, or recital. 

We have classes for dancers who want to develop skills in dance as well as performance. These classes are for the dancer who loves taking classes and also wants to perform in shows, dance concerts, and recitals.

We have classes for dancers who want to develop skills in dance, performance, and auditioning.  These classes are for the dancer who has selected dance as their primary activity while balancing their academic course load and family time (see below, 1a).

We have classes for dancers whose goals include being audition-ready for a conservatory, performing arts college, college dance team, cheerleading team or squad, dance company, theme park or cruise line (see below 1b).

1a.How to identify dancers who choose dance as their primary activity:

- They attend 5+ dance classes per week as well as rehearsals (and love it!).

- They attend classes year-round and love the rehearsal process. 

- They are motivated by the prospects of receiving invitations to workshops and summer intensives (outside of their own home town area), and full or partial scholarships at regional and national dance conventions.

- They are focused in class and take direction well.

- They learn to balance their dance responsibilities with their academic responsibilities. 

- They seek opportunities to act as a positive influence on others, and lead by example. 

1b. How to identify dancers who seek to be audition-ready:

- These individuals attend 8-10+ classes per week, and rehearsals.

- They attend all master classes, workshops and intensives, and they dance year-round.

- They are focused in class, take direction well, and practice properly on their own.

- They balance their dance, academic, and home responsibilities. 

- They act with integrity and character because these personality traits earn a solid reputation, which is required in the industry.

For dancers who wish to dance year-round we provide intensives, dance clinics, and private lessons during the summer months.

If you are interested in performing and competing as a New Concept Dance Company member, please review the information in the Performing & Competing page. All candidates and their families are expected to read, review, and understand the information found on this page prior to auditioning and prior to accepting a position.

We welcome everyone who wishes to give back to their community to come volunteer with us, or serve as a mentor to our teen volunteers.


If you are an adult who wishes to donate their time and talents to us, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page and then send us an email letting us know your interests! We appreciate all our volunteers, and no help is too small. We also seek mentors. If you are interested in mentoring, please visit our Become a Mentor page.

If you are a parent whose teen is between16-18 years old and is enrolled in a high school program, or if you are a teen in this age group who is seeking volunteer hours for scholarships, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page as well as our Future Leaders in Business page. 


We ask that all teen volunteers and their families read, review, and understand the information in the Volunteer Opportunities page prior to applying.

Part of our mission is to provide learning opportunities in areas of business for our teen volunteers. Our teen volunteers do not work directly with our students. 

Please note that although we are equal opportunity, we are also filling positions that provide learning opportunities and mentorship with opportunities to build experience as well as knowledge. Please read all instructions provided, carefully.


Our Vision

To build a way for dancers to have dance in their lives for as long as they wish without the obstacles of affordability, or a general lack of classes suited to them, holding them back.

Our Focus

Our core values are connection, community, education, and they are built upon a strong foundation of growth mindset. We welcome challenges, we keep working toward our goals, we take care of others, and we learn as much and as often as we can. We want to give everyone the choice to be part of something different, challenging but fun, creative, and affordable.


Privacy policy: We do not collect, store, retrieve, sell, or share your information. 

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