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Who We Are & What We Do

New Concept Dance Company, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Tampa and Pasco County.


We give kids, teens, and adults opportunities to learn and practice dance, and then we help them gain access to the extras such as master classes, workshops, performance opportunities, competitions, and conventions by making these additional experiences more affordable.

We also offer teens between the ages of 16-18, and currently enrolled in a high school program, opportunities to volunteer where they may gain skills and knowledge in different aspects of business and community leadership. 

To learn more about how to become a benefactor or sponsor, click here: 

How We Operate

We currently hold classes inside Dayspring Academy's High School Campus, after their school hours. The address is 8330 Dayspring Academy Way, Port Richey, FL 34668, Rm. 114.

Our classes are open to everyone (click here for our class schedule).

Our classes develop skills in dance and movement, and we offer sets of classes and programs that are designed to meet your specific goals.

We have classes for dancers who want to build, maintain, and advance their skills without obligations to perform in a showcase or recital. These classes are perfect for teens and adults who have other activities or obligations, and seek to keep dance in their lives. 

We have classes for dancers who want to develop skills in dance as well as performance. These classes are for the dancer who loves taking classes and also wants to perform in showcases, dance concerts, and recitals.

We have classes for dancers who want to develop skills in dance, performance, and auditioning.  These classes are for the dancer who has selected dance as their primary activity while balancing their academic course load and family time (see below).

How to identify dancers who choose dance as their primary activity:

- They attend 5+ dance classes per week as well as rehearsals (and love it!).

- They attend classes year-round and love the rehearsal process. 

- They are motivated by the prospects of receiving invitations to workshops and summer intensives (outside of their own home town area), and full or partial scholarships at regional and national dance conventions.

- They are focused in class and take direction well.

- They learn to balance their dance responsibilities with their academic responsibilities. 

- They seek opportunities to act as a positive influence on others, and lead by example. 

Lastly, we have classes for dancers whose goals include being audition-ready for a conservatory, performing arts college, college dance team, cheerleading team or squad, dance company, theme park or cruise line (see below).

How to identify dancers who seek to be audition-ready:

- These individuals attend 8-10+ classes per week, and rehearsals.

- They attend all master classes, workshops and intensives, and they dance year-round.

- They are focused in class, take direction well, and practice properly on their own.

- They balance their dance, academic, and home responsibilities. 

- They act with integrity and character because these personality traits earn a solid reputation, which is required in the industry.

Please note that taking a break from dance is as important as attending classes and rehearsals consistently. We encourage and recommend taking time off during summer break to spend time with friends and family, and we do not offer classes during the month of  July (we may host private lessons and rehearsals, only).

For dancers who wish to dance year-round we provide intensives, dance clinics, and private lessons during the month of June.

We follow the Pasco County School calendar and are closed on Labor Day, one week at Thanksgiving, two weeks during winter break, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, one week during spring break, and Memorial day.


If you are interested in performing and competing as a New Concept Dance Company member, please review the information in the Performing & Competing page. All candidates and their families are expected to read, review, and understand the information found on this page prior to auditioning and prior to accepting a position.

Part of our mission is to provide learning opportunities in areas of business for our teen volunteers. Our teen volunteers are non-company members, and do not work directly with the dance company.


If you are a parent whose teen is between16-19 years old and is enrolled in a high school program or is a recent graduate, or if you are a teen in this age group who is seeking volunteer hours for scholarships, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page. All candidates and their families are expected to read, review, and understand the information in the Volunteer Opportunities page prior to applying.

Please note that although we are equal opportunity, we are also filling positions that provide learning opportunities and mentorship with opportunities to build experience as well as knowledge. Please read all instructions provided, carefully.


The Mission

Our mission is to open more opportunities for kids and teens who love dance. We provide well-rounded dance training and education, and our students have the confidence they need to feel successful in class, at conventions, and while preparing for competitions. Our students come from all backgrounds, and we help to make the additional opportunities possible for everyone.

We also offer volunteer opportunities to non-company members ages 16+ in areas of business and community leadership. Areas of business includes organizational leadership, business administration, event planning and coordination, fundraising, communication and public relations, writing and design, and production management.

New Concept Dance Company will operate as a real dance company in production and in business practices so that dancers, support staff, and volunteers may develop transferrable skills and experiences essential to their success in the professional world, regardless of industry.

The Vision

To build a community for dancers who love dance and want to keep learning, and to bring together community members, business owners, and local leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences who share a dedicated interest in changing the trajectory of kids and teens by creating opportunities for them to learn and experience more in dance and movement, all aspects of business, community building, and leadership.

The Focus

Our core values are connection, community, and education. With these values in mind, we offer classes in multiple styles, opportunities to perform and compete, and a chance for families to be part of something positive and affordable.


We encourage everyone to dance.

Privacy policy: We do not collect, store, retrieve, sell, or share your information. 

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