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This page provides information on how we place & advance students,

and a general class description according to age group.

Please review this page prior to selecting classes on our schedule.


We may hold placement classes for students age 7+ who come to us with two or more years experience. These classes help us place these students into classes that suite their potential. 

Students over the age of 7 with less than two years experience will be placed by age first. Students who then demonstrate a committed interest through: consistent and  proper attire, professional appearance (neat), near-perfect attendance, focus, and recalling dance terms and choreography from week to week will be challenged more during class as a first step toward advancement. 


Advancement is by invitation only, and advancement means the student will be taking on more classes with greater expectations and responsibilities, and a revised schedule, tuition, and fees.


We do not anticipate advancing any beginner student prior to the end of the second or third year, and do not rule out advancing a student at the end of their first or second year. 


Each student will have many opportunities to be properly challenged in class.

Once a class schedule is established, entering a more advanced class or level is by invitation only.


If a student is invited to enter a more advanced class or level and accepts, then it is understood that the student is agreeing to taking on more classes with greater expectations & responsibilities, and that the family is agreeing to a revised class schedule, fees, and/or tuition. 

We will talk to the parent(s) first, disclose the new schedule, fees and/or tuition, and answer any questions. Then we will ask that family to have their own meeting at home to talk about the new expectations, responsibilities, and revisions to the class schedule, fees, and/or tuition before saying yes to the invitation. 

We do not advertise invitations inside the studio or on social media, which gives each family a chance to politely opt out of the invitation, without feeling pressure, should the timing not be right.



The following is a general class description for each age group listed, and does not go into the levels offered within each age group.  We will talk with each family about levels on an individual basis so that we can place each student based on their goals as well as their current skills.

PLEASE NOTE: We are raising funds to help us grow so that we may offer additional opportunities such as acro dance and hip hop classes, a dedicated dance program for homeschoolers and virtual students, Saturday workshops, a rehearsal space, and more classes for adults with dance experience.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us grow!

Visit our Schedule & Perks page for our class schedule, perks and tuition!

Classes Ages 7-10

These classes emphasize the development and strengthening of dance skills and terminology, while highlighting the importance of practice. Students will always learn proper stretching practices and will be encouraged to practice choreography on their own outside of class.

Students interested in becoming members of the New Concept Dance Company must be proficient in ballet and show strong attendance in their ballet class.

*Age 7 by July1.

Classes Ages 11-12 & 12-14

These classes prepare the dancer for greater challenges using more advanced terminology, technique, and choreography, in faster-paced environment. 

Students interested in becoming members of the New Concept Dance Company must be proficient in ballet and show strong attendance in their ballet class.

*Age 11 by July 1.

Classes Ages 13-17

For this age group, we offer two choices:

1. Beginner, or dancers who are preparing themselves for intermediate classes.

2. Intermediate or Advanced students who are seeking greater challenges and want to master the details. 


Students interested in becoming members of the New Concept Dance Company must be proficient in ballet and show strong attendance in their ballet class.

*Classes offered in this age group depend upon enrollment.

Classes Ages 5-6

These classes provide fundamental dance technique and terminology, safe stretching methods, formations and basic stage direction, and will highlight the importance of practice, staying positive when faced with a challenge, collaboration, and learning how to remember short dance step sequences.

These classes may be 45 or 60 minutes long, and have a separate fee schedule. 

*Classes offered in this age group depend upon enrollment.

Classes Ages 18-22 (Drop-in)

Theses classes are designed for college students and young professionals who have dance experience, and seek classes that match their abilities.


Although classes provide short choreography combinations to practice, the focus is on maintaining and advancing skills. 

*We announce drop-in classes for adults on Instagram.

Classes Ages 22+ (Drop-in)

These classes are for adults who are looking for a pace that is faster than beginner level, but not pre-professional.


Adults in this class have prior dance experience (any genre, including ballroom) and although they may not be advanced dancers, they possess fundamental dance skills. This is a class where the adult dancer can practice and refine what has already been learned while being

comfortably challenged and inspired to improve. 

The dance styles for this class will rotate between ballet, tap, jazz (including latin jazz), and elements of modern dance.


All dance classes for our adults include flexibility training and cardiovascular conditioning, and are lead by certified fitness and dance instructors who know the best methods for stretching and cardiovascular conditioning for all ages.

If you are not sure if you fall into this category just because it's been a while since you danced, please email us. We want to get as many adults coming back to dance as possible, and do not want you to think you won't do well! These classes are for you! 

If you are a beginner adult student, please email us! We have a plan for you that is affordable and will get you what you need to reach your goals! We also offer online training for beginners who feel that a more personalized plan would be better for them!

*We announce drop-in classes for adults on Instagram.

Class Schedule & Enrollment

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