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NCDC is lead by a professional team of experienced instructors who are skilled in dance, movement, pedagogy, and choreography.
As a team, they create an environment for focused students who seek more opportunities to train, perform, and prepare for auditions, competitions, summer intensives, and more.

Our team provides choreography for the repertoire and, as we grow, we may invite hand-selected guest choreographers to contribute to our repertoire. 

These guests will bring their education and experience to us from other regions of the United States, and add to the diverse experience we want our company members to have.

Outside of dance, our faculty possess education and experience in:
usiness, Organizational Leadership, Education (k-12),
Theatrical and Dance Production Management,
Theater Technology, Video Production, Audio Editing
Sports Conditioning and Fitness,
Retail and e
Commerce Management,
Finance, and CRM.
This makes them unique leaders and educators in the dance world, and is why we expect our company members and families to place a high value on academics as well as dance.



Our staff and instructors demonstrate respect, integrity, and character, and we are proud to have these leaders among us as we grow. We ask that our NCDC guests, families, and students put their best forward while communicating and working with our team whether that be in person, in emails, in texts, virtually, or via social media.

Please note:

1. We will openly offer more opportunities to students who show more initiative with their training and development, and who go above and beyond when it comes to setting an example inside the studio, in their academics, and at home.


2. We will openly offer more opportunities to students who are advanced, and/or working toward pre-professional skills, and who exhibit a sincere level of professionalism that encourages and inspires others.


3. We will offer solo opportunities to students who have attended all recommended classes, summer intensives, workshops and private lessons with us, and who have been preparing and performing with us for no less than two complete seasons.

Intermediate to advanced students who come to us with a strong background in competitive dance who wish only to compete as a soloist will be required to attend all recommended classes, intensives and workshops with us, and will be directed to our sponsor, Continuous Dance Training.

Performing & Competing


Prior to auditioning, please scroll through our website to learn more about us including our mission and vision. If you decide not to audition at this time, please consider supporting us by becoming a volunteer, a mentor, a benefactor, or a sponsor! 

When you are ready to audition, please read through the following carefully.

1. We invite dancers from all genres and backgrounds between the age of 7-19, who are performing at minimum advanced-beginner level, to audition. 

2. We have expectations of company members, parents/guardians; but, we feel that the following four expectations are most important and are non-negotiable:

Company members must...

- Participate regularly in all required dance classes;

- Learn choreography and practice at home on their own time;

- Maintain a specific grade point average;

- Act in good-citizenship at home, in school, on site, and in public.

Keep in mind that you do not have to be the best in the room to be the one who stands out. Maturity and character are as important as dance skills.


3. Although we agree that learning how to audition comes from experience, we ask that only candidates who are serious about dance and serious about becoming company members attend the audition.

We will disclose all expectations, commitment level, fees and opportunities up front, prior to the audition, and give you a chance to ask questions during our General Meeting (time/date will be provided in advance). By giving this upfront, we expect to gather dancers who share a common interest in dance and movement, a sincere respect for rehearsals and love for performing, and who are ready to audition to be part of this dance company. 

If you are auditioning because you are curious about what we are doing, or want more experience with the auditioning process, (and you have already attended our General Meeting), please send us an email prior to auditioning and one of our Board Members will get back to you. We expect that all dancers who audition are ready to accept the opportunities we offer.

4. The Audition Form will be provided after the General Meeting and after all expectations, commitment level, fees and opportunities are disclosed. We will ask that this form be completed at home, using blue or black ink, and brought to the audition with each interested candidate.  

We will not accept emails, links, or any portable storage device for this form. Please bring this form with you to the audition.


You may include a hard copy of your resume if it is current, but a resume is not required.

Headshot is not required.

Please scroll for more information, and email us with any questions!

Company Fees

We will host a general meeting prior to the audition date, and well in advance. By the end of that meeting, candidates and their families will know the cost and commitment for participation.

We are a fee-based company, and depend upon tuition, fees, our incredible volunteers who volunteer their time and expertise, as well as donations from our community to operate.


What we do is not free. We offer partial scholarships for individuals who qualify.

Dance Classes

All our company members are required to attend dance classes, workshops and intensives as well as rehearsals. Classes will specialize in technical training, artistry, and responsible stretching practices. Classes will provide short choreography sequences.

Our rehearsals will provide our company members with time to learn, ask questions, and practice choreography that will become our company repertoire. 


We will communicate class assessments upfront so that there are no surprises. All required workshops and intensives will be offered at a reasonable rate.

To learn more, visit our Classes page!

New Concept Dance Company members work directly with experienced dance teachers and choreographers. We may have student volunteers who help our teachers during class time, production volunteers who provide support for our showcases, and NCDC volunteers who work behind the scenes with mentors to provide business support for the organization.
Each volunteer must fill out an application, may be required to provide up to three letters of recommendation, and list job references when applicable. Volunteers then attend a professional meeting that may resemble an interview to provide a safe experience for them in this type of setting. Although we are equal opportunity, we are also filling positions that provide professional mentorship, a learning opportunity, and real work experience. Qualifications may be found on our volunteer opportunities page. 

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