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We are proud to have with us the following faculty who represent dance and performance studies with integrity and outstanding character.

Thank you for trusting us with your education in the performing arts!

- the Board of Directors and Executive Team

Laren Cavicchio

Board President & Instructor

Laren brings a wealth of knowledge to New Concept Dance Company not only in dance, movement, and pedagogy, but also in design, production management, business, and leadership. 

Laren gives her time and resources regularly to NCDC, which has been her vision and intention since 2001 when she was working at a non-profit dance academy in St. Petersburg, FL first as a teacher and choreographer, and then also as an administrator and business manager. 

She has continued to acquire knowledge in dance, biomechanics and exercise science, finance, economics, leadership, writing, and design for more than two decades, and has been studying and teaching dance and movement for more than 30 years.

Laren is the founder of the Continuous Dance Training program, which has served competitive dancers since 2018. For Laren's full bio, click or tap here

Karlee Boniol


Karlee comes from a long line of dancers and artists in her family who were either performing in dance, teaching dance, creating costumes for dancers, or owning and running dance supply stores in Pinellas county. 

So when she began taking ballet and creative movement classes at the age of two, it was no surprise that she caught on quickly, and fell in love with it! She developed a sincere respect for the discipline at a young age, and over time this love and discipline helped her progress to pointe work. In her teenage years, she was asked to perform in the the role of the "Sugar Plum Fairy", which was one of her dream roles. She will always love ballet, and will always love sharing ballet with others.

Karlee's first opportunity as a choreographer came when she was a member of the River Ridge High School Dance Team. She was asked to choreograph a student contemporary and lyrical piece, and then invited to choreograph and co-direct a full musical production and several smaller theater productions at River Ridge High School. These experiences allowed her to flex her abilities in other dance genres while using her creativity. 

But still, her first love was ballet. At age 13, Karlee wanted to take her learning to the next level, and under the mentorship of Ms. Laren, Karlee began demonstrating for, and then assisting, ballet classes. By age 18 she was teaching classes.

Outside of the dance world, Karlee was selected to be part of a pioneer project called the New Teaching Academy while at River Ridge High School. This gave her the opportunity to work alongside a licensed teacher and serve Title One schools as a volunteer tutor to elementary school children. 

From this, she received the Teen Trendsetter Award, which recognized her for her community service work. She toured major universities in Florida, and presented an overview of the New Teaching Academy to leaders in education, and lectured on its effectiveness and success.

Karlee began taking college courses while in high school, and was accepted to Pasco-Hernando State College during her senior year. She is on track to graduate with her Associates Degree upon completing two final courses.

Her long-term goal is to earn her bachelor's degree with a focus on business communications and human resources, and continuing working for New Concept Dance Company as an instructor while also working toward a position as Associate Director.

Alexus Sessa

Summer Camp Coordinator/Guest Instructor

Alexus has been dancing, performing, and working as an actress for 15 years, and has been sharing her knowledge and education in the performing arts with her students for ten. She also works in education for children attending pre-k through 12th grade in public and private schools, and is delighted to work with kids of all ages. 

Her education in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, acting and musical theatre began at an early age, and quickly became her main activity in elementary, middle, and high school. She was part of the River Ridge High School Dance Team and served as Dance Team Captain where her responsibilities included making decisions based on what was best for the team, choreographing dance team numbers to include complex formations that would be in line with what judges are looking for in line production numbers, running rehearsals, editing music, choosing costumes and uniforms, and of course leading by example.

We are very proud of Alexus for the work she does as a lead teacher at Millennium Academy, and look forward to seeing her throughout this year as a guest teacher and choreographer as well next June as our Summer Camp Coordinator and Instructor for ages 3 through 7.

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