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Class Schedule

Thank you Pasco County for hosting

us during our 2022~2024 Seasons!

We are bringing our program

to Hillsborough County in 2025!






















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New Concept Dance Co. is committed to managing all funds responsibly.

For this reason, our class schedule is based first on the prior season's interests.

We add more classes as enrollment increases.

We invite younger dancers, ages 8 -10, who have 2 consecutive years' experience in dance, to try any class on the schedule.

Each dancer receives individual coaching during class, regardless of age, to maximize their potential.


Our dancers ages 11-16 are friendly, respectful, and extremely focused on advancing their skills. All dancers feel properly challenged in our classes.


We are moving to Tampa and are mobile which means even more kids & teens will have access to affordable, exceptional classes in dance, flexibility, and movement!


Private lessons, workshops & rehearsals take place on Mondays.

Dates provided well in advance.

Required for all competitors.


Ballet for ages 7-11 & 11-17

All levels offered throughout the week.

Tap II & Tap III

Technique, vocab, performance.

Tap II: ages 8-11 with 2 yrs experience in tap.

Tap III: ages 11+ with 3+ yrs experience in tap.

We offer discounted private lessons for anyone who wishes to advance into either level. 

Contemporary & Lyrical, ages 11+.

Floor work, flexibility, inversions included.

Must be enrolled in and attend Ballet.


Flexibility & Jazz, ages 7+.

Includes styling, leaps, jumps & turns..

Designed for all ages and levels.

Jazz - Tap Combo with Ballet Elements

Ages 7-10

We do not offer classes for children younger than Grade 2 at this time, but will travel to your child's Pre-K class!

Let us know who to contact, and we will make it happen!


All our classes meet NIH guidelines for physical activity recommendations.

Our student become physically healthier in each class!

Curriculums courtesy of:

Continuous Dance Training

Click/Tap Pop-Up Classes

to see what we're planning!

Our classes are technique based and includes an in-depth warm-up, center work, and progressions. 


Our definition of levels may be different from public/private schools' definition, or other studios' definition.

Our standards for intermediate & advanced levels includes a greater demonstration of technical ability, flexibility, strength, professionalism and maturity.

Our intermediate and advanced dancers are expected to learn more complex dance combinations quickly and recall them correctly.


We reviewed our Mission, our Vision, and also our Core Values, which are

Community, Connection, Education, Integrity.

With these in mind, this is what we offer:

1. Registration Fee

No registration fee when you take 2+ class hours each week. Registration

is discounted to $17 per student when you take less than 2 hrs/week.

Class enrollment does not affect partial scholarship consideration.

(You save $10, $30, and up to $50 dollars per child

when you enroll with us!

2. Discounted Rates on:

- Dance Company Fees

- Production Fees

- Camps & Intensives

- Uniforms & Costumes

- Adult Pop-up/Drop-in Classes

3. New Concept Perks Program:

An additional discount on tuition for:

- Students taking 2+, one-hour classes/week

- Families who remain current with tuition

Our Perks Program includes discounted private lessons!

4. Lots of Scholarships, all year!

Dedicated students receive partial scholarships, which gives hard-working parents a break, and gives your children a chance to take more classes!

Our families have saved $8,370.32

between Sept. 2022 - April 2024

~ General Overview ~

1. Tuition is paid in monthly installments, 

due by Day 1 of each month.

2. Our intensives, camps, and evening classes during the Summer have

a separate fee schedule.

3. All who wish to perform in our

Winter Showcase or Dance Company,

classes start before Labor Day.

For all other students, classes start

after Labor Day.

Our Winter Showcase is in Feb., exact date TBA.

4. Tuition invoices are sent to your email, and you have the option to

pay online, or check/cash in person.

You may also pay via Venmo.

We do not charge a service/convenience fee at this time.

*First Month's Class Tuition:

First month's class tuition does not

reflect New Concept Perks Program

Discount, or Partial Scholarships.

30-min./week  $36/month

1 class/week  $68/month

1.25 class/week  $74/month

1.5 classes/week  $80/month

2 classes/week  $120/month

2.5 classes/week  $140/month 

3 classes/week  $158/month 

3.5 classes/week  $178/month 

4 classes/week  $197/month

4.5 classes/week  $215/month  

5 classes/week  $228/month

6 classes/week $245/month

*Prices reflect Season 2023-24

Our New Concept Perks Program discount is available after first month's tuition is paid.

Students taking 2+, one-hour classes each week receive a discount on tuition and private lessons when classes are attended each consecutive month, and tuition is paid on-time.

👉🏼 Additional perks are always coming!! 👈🏼

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